Wax Vaporizer Pens And Their Hidden Features
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Wax Vaporizer Pens And Their Hidden Features

Wax Vaporizer Pens and their Hidden Features

Wax vaporizer pens, also known as wax pens or vape pens, are handheld devices, designed as stylish versions of office pens meant for discreet vaping. The portable vaporizers are sleek and ergonomic. They can easily fit into a pocket, of your shirt or denim. The pens usually come in well crafted cool cases. Most wax vaporizer pens will be snugly concealed in your palm. The pens are specifically designed to vape on the go. You can indulge in discreet vaping almost anywhere unless there is an explicit ban on vaporizing at a public place.

Wax vaporizer pens use concentrates, also known as waxes. These pens are not compatible with herbs, dry herbs or herbal blends. Most vape pens can work with waxes or oils. Both are distinct types of concentrates. Although they may look or feel similar in some cases, waxes and oils are different. Wax is more viscous and almost semisolid whereas oil is liquid. Both waxes and oils can have same strengths of active compounds found in marijuana or other essential oils. Both can have the same potency of volatile aromatic compounds. Wax vape pens look similar to e-cigarettes but they have several features that are not found in the latter.

Anatomy of Wax Vaporizer Pens

Wax Vaporizer Pens And Their Hidden Features
Wax Vaporizer Pens And Their Hidden Features

Wax vaporizer pens are different from desktop vaporizers and portable vaporizers in general. Wax vape pens have one button offering easy control. You can turn on the device and turn it off in an instant. You can choose the different heat settings and start vaping immediately. Wax vaporizer pens can use different types of wax concentrates including shatter, crumble, oils, budder and earwax.

Wax vaporizer pens have an atomizer. This is the heating element or source. The heating chamber has a coil which is tasked with vaporizing the concentrates. This atomizer is prompt and instantaneously responsive. It can heat up in seconds and thus start producing vapor in no time. The concentrates or cartridges are installed in direct contact with the coil. The single button control allows users to turn on the power, which is fed by a rechargeable battery, that the atomizer starts working on the wax or concentrate. The coil heats the air inside the chamber and the wax or concentrate gets heated through convection. The convection heating process eliminates the chances of burning the wax or concentrate. The vapor is smoother and safer. There is no smoke.

Wax vaporizer pens have a myriad of features but they will vary from one brand to another. Higher end models will have more features and a more complex anatomy. Simpler vape pens will have basic features. Cheaper vaporizer pens cannot attain very high temperatures and hence they are not effective for all types of concentrates. State of the art wax vaporizer pens can attain temperatures as high as 700F. Such high temperature is still cooler than a real flame but it is ideal to use convection heat to produce thick or dense and flavorful vapors using most concentrates or waxes.

Wax vaporizer pens come in many sizes. The smallest is not necessarily the weakest. However, larger devices will usually have the capacity to produce more vapors. The larger devices will also produce more flavorsome vapors. Everything boils down to the heating element, the size of the heating chamber as that determines how much concentrate you can use at a time and the cooling mechanism in place that makes the vapor comfortably breathable.

Wax Vaporizer Pens

Types of Atomizers in Wax Vaporizer Pens

Atomizer is the heating element. It can be of different types depending on its size, the material it is made of, the heating coil it uses and whether or not it is suitable for a particular wax or concentrate. The simplest of all atomizers is the single rod variant. There is only one heating element in this small atomizer, thereby reducing the heat it can generate and hence the quantum of vapor it can produce. However, this type of atomizer works well for single user pens. You don’t want to generate enormous quantities of vapor when all you need is a few simple short puffs.

There is a triple rod atomizer that has a much wider surface area than the single rod heating chamber. The triple rod atomizer can produce copious volumes of vapor. It can also generate strong flavors. Unless you pick the right concentrate, such strong heat can create some smokiness in the flavors as the wax start to burn a little. There is an interim double rod atomizer that has the best of both the extremes. Different materials are used for the chambers. These are usually inert materials such as quartz and ceramic. The inert materials do not respond to heat and do not interfere with the flavor or aroma of the concentrates. You will also find coil-less atomizers these days.

Comparing Features of Wax Vaporizer Pens

As is the case with desktop vaporizers and portable vape pens, there is a range of wax vaporizer pens and they have varying features. You should look for a relatively small and compact vape pen that is compatible with the type of waxes or concentrates you wish to use. Do not opt for the cheapest vape pen as it may not be too reliable. The vapor volume and the quality of flavor will remain lingering concerns. Opt for a reasonably priced vape pen that has all the essential features and a few more.

Focus on the battery life. How many times you can use the vape pen before the battery can be recharged? Will you be able to vape when the battery is getting recharged? How many different sessions will your battery last? Is there a universal charger or do you need a special kit with you at all times? These are some important questions. You need to check the warranty of the wax vaporizer pen. Compare such warranties when you choose brands and specific models. Go for longer warranties and more comprehensive ones. Don’t settle for a few months or up to a year and avoid limited warranties.

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